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It is with great excitement that I offer my latest collection of poetry, Wild Fire.  Pulsation and Impermanence within the dance of Shadow, Light & Nature are its central themes.  Inspired by the natural world and the moments that link us together, this collection represents bits and pieces of my heart. 

Wild Fire ~ Poetic Prisms


Keep your wild fire lit!

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I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first book of love poems.  It is a collection of short musings, meditations and deeper explorations of love in its many forms.  Receive it with love, it was written from love!


 You ARE love!

If you purchase here, I will happily personalize it before sending it to you.  Please put the name of the recipient below and I will sign it to that person.

Live in Love!

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If you are purchasing books and are local, you may use this option to pay and avoid postage ~ Contact Sherry for delivery options.

Spread Love Like Wild Fire!

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Recipient’s Name (book title)

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