About DAGMY!

POP ART Buddha (by John Gascot)

Exploring life on and off the mat, and experiencing the connections that make them one.

Inspired by Yoga.  Rooted in Living.

Drop & Give Me Yoga! represents the duality most of us experience; the two-sided coin of life. Yin-Yang, Bitter-Sweet, soft-hard, light-dark, …

The irony of this image lives in the meaning of the word YOGA, which is union.

While things appear to be dualistic, they are really all part of the same whole. Our indiviDUALITY is also part of the oneness that is humanity.

So, while the militaristic command to Drop and Give Me, precedes the softer more non-aggressive action of Yoga, they co-exist as something whole, both ordinary & special.

I love this image. It is a reminder to view life through the larger lens of wholeness, to embrace & honor expressions of duality in the singular unity that binds them.

“When the mind perceives duality, then there is both duality and its counterpart which is unity. When the mind drops the perceptions of duality, there is neither duality nor unity.”

“From that perfection of Yoga posture, duality, praise and criticism, cease to be a disturbance.”

Many of us who fall in love with Yoga, feel the call to radiate that love outward. My practice nourishes me beyond measure; writing about the connections on and off the mat is just one way to honor it and send it back into the Universe.

And so it began.

Moved by the idea of spontaneous Asana practice, I threw a Yoga mat on the floor, by the computer, as a gentle reminder. My husband liked it there, said that he walked softer on it.

Then I imagined there would be a Yoga mat in each room in my house and a voice in my head would say, “Drop and give me Yoga!” I would comply. Not militarily with push-ups, but by doing a Vinyasa or falling into Triangle, Downward Dog or some expression of Warrior.

A blog was born.

Inspired by the process, other ideas began to brew; a Boutique joined the family and after more than a decade of practice, I got my certification to teach.

Please enjoy the blog and the various features of this site as they continue to grow.

Come back often to see what changes have taken place and to browse in the boutique as it grows.

Thank you for visiting Drop & Give Me Yoga!